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Composers will soon be replaced by AI: Apple bought startup AI Music

The purchase of AI Music is one of the few acquisitions by Apple over the past year

A quarter of users are expected to spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse by 2026

According to research company Gartner, by 2026, 25% of users will spend at least one hour daily in the space of the metaverse.

Increasing storage on iPhone/iPad, how to turn 64 GB into 512 GB of memory

An unofficial way to increase the memory on your iPhone / iPad for sane money - how to change 64 GB to 512 GB.

Reality and prospects of the IT professions market

What professions are the most popular and highly paid?

Spillikins №680. Falling interest in social networks and services

Why interest in Facebook is falling, sales of Spotify and Netflix are not booming; Apple and a second office in Russia; perfume Paco Rabanne for geeks and players; Tesla autopilot safety; smart home sales in Russia.

Laptops and smartphones without ports: this is the future! Rather, it would come!

Portless slim laptop with wireless Thunderbolt 4 announced!

Processors in smartphones: the loudest fails

Throttling, security holes and other horrors of the world of mobile processors - remember the names of antiheroes.

VTB and Rostelecom joint venture will create a complete 3D map of Russia

By 2025, the project will cover 95% of all settlements in Russia from above, and 80% of all residential and commercial premises from the inside

How pagers appeared. The first prototypes of systems and their inventors

A story about which systems prefigured pagers. Radio for the Detroit police, how radio detonators became doctors' assistants and other milestones in the development of technology.

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Robots handed over the Olympic flame in Beijing for the first time

On the first day of the Olympic torch relay in Beijing, for the first time in the history of the Olympics, a burning relay torch was passed by a robot under water. B.

For the first time in the world, a 5G+ network in the 6GHz band was launched in Moscow

6 GHz frequencies, when using appropriate equipment, can partially replace the inaccessible 3.4-3.8 GHz band

Echo156. Opportunity Time

NYTimes bought Wordle, and computers based on Baikal processors are being sold at retail.

Oppo Find N Dual Fold is an interesting concept of a folding smartphone from the brand

Recently, Oppo introduced its first foldable smartphone Oppo Find N, and now it is preparing another interesting model with the code name Oppo Find N Dual Fold

Software update allows Amazfit GTR 3 Pro to perform automatic nighttime blood pressure monitoring

Huami has introduced a software update for the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro smart watch, now this watch will be able to provide automatic.

500Hz from BOE: World's fastest display presented

The advertised refresh rate should be enough for even the most demanding users

ASUS Zenbook Vivobook 14 OLED. The most affordable OLED screen!

A laptop with an OLED screen that will still be relevant in 5 years.

Boston Dynamics robots to help DHL

After Hyundai's acquisition of Boston Dynamics, the robots it creates could be widely adopted as commercial solutions. So, it has become.

MediaTek Announces Flagship Kompanio 1380 Chipset

Recently, MediaTek has been trying to impose fierce competition in flagship chipsets on market leader Qualcomm

Rosatom promises to launch quantum internet by 2030

The State Corporation will continue the development of quantum computing and plans to link quantum processors into a single network by 2030

Russian scientists installed a visual neuroimplant in a monkey

Russian scientists take a step away from restoring sight to blind people

#Echo155. Mad World Notes

MediaTek overtakes Qualcomm and Samsung to create the most powerful Android chipset.

End of the world, rehearsal. Power outage in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan.

Rehearsing a power outage, why our world is so fragile and are you ready for it - the simplest thing that you most likely do not have on hand in case of the end of the world.

Deal of the century in doubt: Nvidia plans to abandon Arm purchase

The fate of the $40 billion deal is being decided in these minutes

Samsung introduced a microchip for multifunctional biometric security

Samsung introduced a chip for multifunctional biometric security. The microcircuit can be used in bank cards and various other cards that require accurate.

Boeing has invested $450 million in Wisk Aero, which is developing an autonomous electric aircraft

Boeing has made a $450 million investment in Wisk Aero, which is developing autonomous electric aircraft. As expected.

Dubious technical solutions in modern devices

Marketing tricks of companies, controversial technical innovations - in general, sleight of hand and no fraud ...

Wireless connection will be as fast as the fastest wired connections when Wi-Fi 7 arrives

MediaTek held a presentation of Wi-Fi 7 technology for its key customers and industry representatives. During the presentation, wireless connectivity was demonstrated.