Svyazexpocomm as a branch of the Miss Universe contest

Year after year, visiting CeBIT, I catch myself thinking that they have a better organization, and the exhibits are shown for the first time at this exhibition, and do not wander around the world, turning into antiquity. But there is one big advantage of Russian exhibitions and Svyazexpocomm, as one of the most noticeable, they have an unreasonably large number of beautiful girls per square meter of area. Last year, one of my foreign friends, after visiting the exhibition, came out in prostration and said that he knew where to look for a wife. Girls in the city center, who hitherto aroused genuine interest and remarks in excellent form, simply ceased to exist. The friend spent the remaining three days at the exhibition, according to him, he did not regret it at all.

According to the results of the first day, about 500 photos of girls from various stands have accumulated, some of them we will publish in this photo essay. I cannot deny myself such a pleasure, and the reputation must be maintained, because the tradition began last year. Trying to bring all the photos is pointless, then only those that happened to be nearby and I liked.

For people who know and visit the exhibition for many years, the name of CBOSS says a lot, but I dare to assume that the last thing about billing. However, judge for yourself, I, in turn, dream of shaking hands with the person who selects girls for this company, keep it up!

For many years in a row, the girls from the RedStars agency represent, this time they periodically danced, the crowd of onlookers was provided.

And then the girls turned around and left, your obedient servant did not even have time to catch them.

But there were kind people who suggested the way. The picture was taken on the fly, so sorry for some inaccuracy in the image. The direction turned out to be wrong, but ...

But I found a whole bunch of oranges, I love citrus fruits.

The feeling of fabulousness of what is happening intensified every minute, here you have the famous "girls under the window." I'm not sure that a gentleman was present in the classic piece, but here he is.

And here is a character from a fantastic fairy tale, in my childhood there were definitely no such people, or is it a snow queen?!

Only a boy who put a World War II mine on his head could compare with these girls in fantasticness.

While someone was resting, some were preparing for the influx of visitors, some even opened their own small post office.

But these two girls were feverishly collecting some booklets, honestly, they wanted to help, but it didn’t work out.

At the same time, some people were watching others work. We will not point with a finger, but we will click with the camera.

In the hope of finding peace of mind, I wandered into the second pavilion, and here, it seemed to me, they would show phones, and there would be very few girls around. Uh-huh, dreaming!

Although, thanks to moving around the pavilion, I came across an excellent angle, this is the smile of the Gioconda in Russian, there is some attraction in this photo, look at it a little longer, do not scroll through.

In general, they say correctly that the Russian soul is darkness. The girl, whom I silently dubbed a mermaid, had to be photographed about 15 times, she looked at herself on the Naming / Dedication Dress small camera screen and did not like herself.

The girls at the Samsung booth distracted the attention of the male audience, the phones acted as an excuse, but in the end, interest in technical innovations won.

I catch myself thinking that at such a pace our site will turn into a publication with a completely different focus, therefore, by an effort of will, I stop publishing this material, here are just the last two photos.