Create ringtones for devices based on WM OS

No one argues with the fact that there are a lot of sound editors that allow you to perform a variety of manipulations with sound files. But all this exists mainly for the PC. For communicators based on WM Page #6 - Apple iPhones in Nigeria, the choice is much smaller. One of the first attempts to create a sound editor for such devices was the Sound Editor from VITO Technology. However, the program was released a long time ago and had a number of significant limitations. In particular, she could only work with uncompressed WAV files. But creative thought does not stand still, and a new product was presented to the public from the bowels of the company.

Vito Ringtone Editor

Developer - VITO Technology. The developer's website is Distribution terms - shareware. The price of the program is 200 rubles.

The program supports mp3, ogg and wav files and allows you to get ringtones from them in just a few clicks or pressing the joystick.

When the utility is launched, a list of folders is displayed on the screen, from which you need to select the one in which the music files are located. After selecting a file, the working window of the editor itself appears and the melody starts playing.

The software interface does not have a single extra button. As a matter of fact, it generally has only two - the start and return buttons. The main idea of ​​working with the program is to simplify the interaction of the user with the device as much as possible. Therefore, to mark a musical fragment, it is enough to press the central button of the joystick or the large icon in the center of the screen with the inscription “Start ringtone”. In this case, the central button changes to "Finish ringtone". To complete the selection of a sound fragment, it remains only to press the joystick again or directly on the icon.

A new window appears on the communicator screen. You can listen to the selected fragment, overwrite a new ringtone, save the selected section and immediately set the received ringtone as the main one. When saving, the optimization process is automatically launched, which allows you to significantly reduce the size of the music file. By default, all saved ringtones are placed in the Windows\Rings folder, and this path cannot be changed.


I really liked the idea behind the program. Everything is very simple, logical and fast. It remains only to express some wishes to the developers. Firstly, the program really lacks the option to highlight a musical fragment in the form of marks on the playback timeline. The only guideline for the beginning and end of the selection is auditory perception, and therefore it is quite difficult to accurately select the desired area. Secondly, saving files to the Windows folder by default is not always convenient - there is never enough space in the main memory. Especially if you use contact managers that allow you to set individual melodies for each contact. So minimization of control has its limitations. At the same time, I note that the program can replace heavy sound editors for PC, especially if professional work with sound is not required. The undoubted advantage of the program is the ability to select the interface language (requires a restart). Available languages ​​include Russian, English and German. At a very reasonable price, the program is a great way to add to the list of your own ringtones with a minimum number of clicks on the joystick and allows you to do without a stylus.

The fully functional version of the program is provided by VITO Technology. The program was tested on a Qtek S110 (Pocket PC 2003 SE) and Qtek 9100 (WM) communicator.