An article about strong middle peasants

For almost a month I went around with the idea of ​​​​this article, I thought that some kind of nonsense was not worth it, maybe I should tell you this, then I decided to share it anyway. Maybe you have similar thoughts? Immediately I advise you to go to the comments ...

Once upon a time

There was a time when I constantly, two or three times a week, dangled to my parents - I went by express train from the Savelovsky station. And next to the Savelovsky station was Euroset. And that's where I saw the Nokia N91. I already worked for MR, read Eldar's review, but for the first time I saw a smartphone on sale there. To say that he licked his lips is to say nothing. I really wanted to buy. But there was no money. Why would you like to buy? Because for me it was ideal. A smartphone with the most modern OS at that time, but most importantly, a smartphone for music, with control buttons, a headset in the kit, the ability to connect ordinary headphones, in a metal case, it was just a dream come true.

And when I finally got myself this gadget, you can be sure - I was happy. I instantly downloaded music, tried different headphones, pressed buttons in my pocket. The rest of the N91's good points were great, but the music was the biggest thing, and I was willing to forgive the bad photos, the bad little screen, and the poor speed. I used the N91 with pleasure for about a year, then switched to the N91 8 GB, and then to something else. But, like many other people, I received my dose of ecstasy called N91. God, there was a sliding panel above the keyboard, there was a metal cradle in the kit, and what a great advertisement.

I can tell you for sure, with all confidence, the N91 was good. Crazy good!

Or here's a scene from life. I go by train to a girl in the suburbs, drive for three hours, play on the PSP and listen to music on the Sony Ericsson W800. You probably don't remember what it is?

But I remember very well. The same as the K750, only the headphones included are better - I liked literally everything about this device. First, a great camera. Secondly, the music player and those very “ears” - I always loved music and always knew that instead of players, you should choose a smartphone. Thirdly, as a fan of Sony, I liked to surround myself with devices of the brand, and now, I'm on the train, playing MGS on the PSP and listening to music on the W800 - a Sony laptop is waiting at home, and there was something very pleasant in this gathering, which currently not (or is, but to a lesser extent). Miracles were expected from Sony. They received miracles from the company - maybe Sony will still have a visionary who understands the power of emotion, who understands how much all users are children who want to get a magical toy that can work miracles. An orange little W800 with a Play button and good headphones was the embodiment of the future - we seem to have recently rewound cassettes on a pencil, and suddenly we have a phone with the Internet, music, games, a notebook capable of solving a hundred tasks.

It was magic, and it certainly was very good.

For a couple of days, I once got a Toshiba G910 - some reviewers called this gadget ambiguous, but I will say that the device was frankly idiotic, if you please, crappy. He worked slowly and mournfully, was huge, stupid, and it’s generally unclear how he got into circulation, usually designers draw this on dinner napkins, wipe their lips and throw it away. Apparently, someone picked it up.

I then wrote what is written above, in other words - probably, now you don’t need to try to fill in the fog either, write what you have and don’t be afraid of anything. But below I will explain why sometimes it does not work out. And don't think that then I didn't get Toshiba G910, read at least the article above. It is absolutely not a shame to open in 2016.

The smartphone was bad, crappy, stupid and to be blamed.

Why did I write Kingdom 8800 once? Yes, since the Nokia 8800 was an ideal device in its price category, and this was not discussed - young and old, girls and men coveted a clicking metal object, they took out loans, sold computers, just to get it, just to put it in their pocket.

It was certainly a good device, certainly a good project for Nokia, closed for some reason by some narrow-minded people. I think that even now the device would be in demand, as push-button Vertu without any Android is in demand - there are many fans, and these are thousands of people who are willing to pay.

I deliberately include here a photo of my beloved Carbon Arte. Well, I note that now, after all sorts of smartphones with touch screens, it is positively IMPOSSIBLE to use the 8800.

But then it was possible to say with full confidence that this is a magnificent device.

Nokia N86? An expensive and strange device, released at a time when the iPhone already reigned among the flagship (read, expensive) solutions on the market. That is, it is bad.

Sony Ericsson Aino? Strange thing for geeks, experiment, that is, it's bad. Let's talk about the iPhone again (let me remind you, Aino appeared in 2009).

Samsung F500? A strange experiment of the company, an attempt to make a device with two screens, as it was interesting for a journalist to use, but in real life it was a pain, not a device.

In the old days, you could tell good devices from others instantly, word of mouth instantly reported what was good and what was bad. Certainly good, there were five or six (for example). There were ten or twenty very bad ones. The rest is some kind of compromise if you need a phone for calls or just some kind of means of communication. Nokia 1100 is the leader among cheap and evil ones. Sony Ericsson W880 is the leader among the most beautiful, the smallest, and even with music. Those who were technically savvy had little to no knowledge of. Here's the Motorola MPx200 - an interesting gadget to tinker with. But Siemens SK65, some kind of nonsense in the form of a cross. By the way, I bought it myself at one time, there was such a mistake - but now it’s not a shame.

Good Sony Ericsson P910, bad, well, I don't know, some kind of smartphone like Nokia N800 - companies should already think about mass products with a touch screen, but everyone was making some monsters on Linux for a bunch of masochistic enthusiasts of people. What it led to, everyone knows. Well, that's not what we're talking about.


At least we made it to 2016, when all smartphones can (at least) play music in different formats without problems, take pictures without problems, thousands of games run without problems, you can read without a Java utility, you can change the appearance interface, set your wallpaper, ringtones, fill in a bunch of information in contacts, there is synchronization not only with a computer - even with a cloud! Schoolgirls, and not just advanced uncles, know about "wi-fi", many have smart watches on their wrists, but it's getting harder and harder to say what is good and what is bad. Because it's all, in principle, not bad.

Sometimes we all argue here which is better, the conditional "iPhone" or "android", while Pokemon Go equalizes everyone.

I keep trying to shyly say Children's Clothing in Kubwa but the thought gets lost in hundreds of reviews and other articles. Smartphones have long been turned into household appliances, a piece of furniture, an item of daily uniform for millions of people - we do not make wars over the brand of microwave in the kitchen.

What, are today's smartphones somehow very different?

What, a conditional "iPhone" for sixty thousand is a hundred times better than a conditional "android" for the same amount?

The concepts of "good" and "bad" are practically inapplicable to modern mobile devices, no matter how sad it may be, but all conventionally "good" devices are in the past, nostalgia, sweet smoke and dreams remain. Buy a Vertu with Android, and you will understand me - this is not a snapping Nokia 8800 for you. It looks beautiful, but somehow the exterior and interior do not match, there is a flaw here - but people (especially in Russia) buy and rejoice. Apparently, five more years must pass for the smartphone to finally turn into a thing that cannot say anything about the owner, a communication tool, a faceless thing for contact with the rich virtual world of social networks, banks and other services, thousands of them.

Already now, many owners, iPhone lovers look at the leaked pictures of the case and are indignant, why, nothing new in design - ha ha, my friends, take a time machine to 2005, when designers in every company were poking nowhere, like blind kittens, and created monsters like "Toshiba" - that's where you are, look for "new in design" there. Now no one owes you anything.

Now everything will be very simple. Each smartphone can be called a strong middling, because it is so - and in the future it will be even scarier for old farts like me (maybe you, a longtime reader) - “the front surface is occupied by a display, under it is a fingerprint sensor, the back of the case metal/alloy/composite".

And this is not surprising if we more often remember (we will not forget) that a modern smartphone is not something like space, but just household appliances. A solid mid-ranger, trained to do this and that, some play FLAC, some know how to work with next-gen networks, some don't, but in general, considering the price, back and forth, blah blah blah, it's absolutely normal.

Some companies are still puffing up and trying to make a modular smartphone, a music smartphone, a smartphone for business people, the best smartphone for photos, the perfect smartphone for selfies - but all this is in vain, and the costs will not pay off. Either a completely new approach to creating devices wins, as, for example, with curved screens - you can immediately see what you are paying money for, you think about practical necessity later - or respect for the brand, trust, loyalty. In the second case, I'm talking about Apple, people don't treat any other company so emotionally, that's a fact. Somewhere between real (albeit not so necessary) innovations and respect, brands like LG, HTC and others fuss - the strongest middle peasants end up with the largest circulations. LG decides to impress the public with a modular smartphone - the idea fails, because already at the idea stage it was necessary for everyone in the team to ask the question: “Why are we making a modular smartphone in 2016?” And after the hundredth answer “I don’t know”, there would be an understanding that there is no use in this.

By the way, I treat this venture with respect, the risk is a noble cause. But if we talk about business, stupid.

The market now needs strong mid-range phones - not the Nokia N91. It's offensive. But I see this not only in the smartphone market - if we talk about portable acoustics, then there is JBL Charge, its strong middle peasant, destroying the sweet dreams of other manufacturers. There are iPads among tablets, players are dead, but what the hell is going on with laptops - I poked my head into choosing a relative a laptop with Windows and just got lost, it seems that these same laptops have long passed into the same category of household appliances and everything is the same there and the same - continuous pain in the gray case. But the relative has no money for poppy yet.

Where we went many, many years after the first "iPhone" and Sony VAIO Z is not clear. In the era of strong middle peasants. Enter your login, password and don't complain about having to walk with an external battery.

So what?

After half a year, the oleophobic coating on the iPhone 6S Plus wore off, and here I am in vain trying to wipe the screen with a tissue in the lobby of a hotel in Los Angeles. The layer of fat slides up and down, and once again I think that there is a lack of a new service - so that you can restore this coating for some money. I asked a question on Twitter, readers said they were ready to pay from 1,000 to 3,000 rubles for such a service. And I'm willing to pay too. But there seems to be no equipment, if you want an oleophobic coating - if you please, change the screen. Expensive pleasure. The smartphone vibrates, and I see a notification, a car has arrived, I decided to try UberPOOL. There's a couple in the back of the Prius, apparently traveling honeymooners, the driver says he'll drop me off at the Santa Monica waterfront first, then it's their turn. The guys laugh and say that they are ready to ride for eight dollars all day. I remember that in the past, in a regular taxi, such a trip from Beverly Hills would have cost thirty dollars. Colleagues suggest - and maybe more expensive.

And so I drove to the place, opened the door, went out and went into the heat, to the ocean. Without pulling his wallet out of his pocket, without flicking his fingers on the buttons, without doing anything at all. How good is that.

So, I may have stopped being a puppy dog ​​about modern smartphones. But I am exactly with such enthusiasm about modern applications and services. That's where the space is hiding - when strong middle peasants flooded the shelves of stores and can do the same things (almost any thing), it's time to reveal their capabilities to the fullest.

And therefore, friends, do not despair and remember with a tear Nokia N91 or something else. We live in a great time, and monthly, sometimes weekly, it is applications (and services) that show us strong middlings from a completely different side. You don't need to look far for examples, at least read about Pokemon Go. Well, or remember this when you order a taxi from your smartphone on the way from the kitchen to the living room, without calls and without unnecessary drama. It doesn't matter if you have an iPhone or LG, when you transfer money from card to card, order food, download books for a trip, everything is fast and without unnecessary movements.