Hyundai Solaris test. The most popular in Russia

The Hyundai Solaris compact sedan consistently occupies the first lines of various ratings. The car has repeatedly become the best-selling model in Russia, the most popular sedan in our country, as well as the most popular model in the secondary market. From the first generation of the car, which was released in 2011, our compatriots fell in love with this small but attractive sedan, which, when compared with our car industry, looked like something new and original. Today, Solaris is being produced at the Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg, which turned 10 this year, and we published material on our website following the visit to the factory: Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg is 10 years old

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus is celebrating its 10th anniversary: ​​on September 21, 2010, a solemn opening ceremony was held with the participation of Vladimir Putin and Chung Mong Ku, Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group

The new generation of Hyundai Solaris came out this year, the car at least a little changed in appearance, but still retained family features. Yes, now some modifications of the car have received a nice new radiator grille, which visually makes the Solaris look older and meaner, but you look at the car from a different angle and immediately see a certain absurdity of the profile inherent in the compact class of cars. Still, it is difficult to make the design of a small sedan completely harmonious, the Korean manufacturer, of course, managed to find a balance, but the car remained a little unsightly.

The headlights and rear optics retained the shape of the previous generation, which was produced from 2016 to 2020, but the pattern has changed, and the headlights have already received adult LED running lights. And in general, the Solaris light is very good for this class of car. The side mirrors remained small in size, well suited to the design of the car, but not providing the best view.

The interior design has not changed much in comparison with its predecessor either, but here it is understandable that the manufacturer needs to maintain a balance between price and performance, and cardinal changes even to the front panel can significantly affect the price, which has already increased due to the ruble exchange rate. But overall, the interior of the Solaris is nice and not too outdated, just right for a TV & DVD Equipment in Nigeria budget car. Yes, you can, of course, complain about a straight, rather boring front console with a simple stamping, a strangely protruding 8 ”display of the media system, which looks alien, as if a taxi driver stuck his tablet on the panel. But if you keep in mind the cost of the car, then everything becomes not so bad. According to the materials, there are no revelations here, for the most part hard plastic with a visually pleasing texture is used, which, unlike some Chinese, does not have a specific pungent odor. For assembly, too, especially without questions, however, in the test car, a “cricket” settled in the front panel, which either disappeared or appeared again.

Behind the wheel, despite the compact class of the car, even a tall person can get a job, all the adjustments are enough with a margin. At least, with a height of 187 cm, I was able to get quite comfortable, and even the steering wheel adjustment for reach was more than enough. The chairs in the solarium are quite decent, with a good profile, with a kind of lateral support, it's a pity, with a short pillow and too soft. There are also miscalculations in ergonomics: if I move the central armrest forward, and it’s more convenient for my height, then it blocks access to the cup holder.

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I couldn't get through on my own, and I can't put a child in the chair either, unless someone with a small stature can seep in there. Having moved the front passenger a little forward, I can quite sit behind him, the doorway is wide, but the threshold is too high, so the landing is not the most comfortable. Behind almost flat floor with a small tunnel, there is legroom. I would not agree to a long trip as a rear passenger, but it is quite possible to drive there for a short time. Isofix mounts are located along the edges of the rear sofa, they are hidden between the pillows, so you will have to sweat a little when installing the chair. Even two massive child seats will fit in the back, but it is clear that there will be very little space between them, for a bag and no more. Another not the most pleasant moment, I note that Solaris has very light doors, especially the rear ones, and you still need to get used to slamming them so that they close the first time.

Despite the fact that there is not much space in the back of the Hyundai, the car has a quite decent trunk of 480 liters, and a full-size spare tire is hidden underground. You can increase the amount of usable space by folding the backs of the rear sofa separately from the passenger compartment, which, when folded, form an almost flat floor. It is clear that there is no electric drive for the luggage compartment lid, but it is spring-loaded and opens slightly by itself. If the model is equipped with keyless entry, then if you stand next to the trunk for 5 seconds with the key in your pocket, the car will open it by itself. The only sad thing is that there is only one closing handle on the right side, which is not always convenient.

In terms of electronics, the car is rather meager, yet it is a budget sedan, although time will pass, and on such machines we will see an abundance of various electronic assistants. So, in our configuration there was a rear-view camera with a trajectory of movement and a very good picture, as well as rear parking sensors. And we also had a simple cruise control with steering wheel controls and a light sensor, while there was no rain sensor.

The media system in our case was with an 8-inch display, which, as I said above, looks alien, like a tablet that the owner has accumulated. Such a strange decision is due to the fact that the manufacturer did not change the architecture of the front panel, but at the same time increased the size of the display, so it was easier to push the screen a little forward than to make another stamping. The screen quality is not bad, but the resolution is low, although if you do not constantly change from one car to another, then you probably won’t even pay attention to the latter. The system can work with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay by wire, there are no difficulties in working, and in some modifications of Solaris, the pre-installed Yandex.Auto is also added here. Several regular applications can be displayed on the main screen of the media system, and as a feature, I note the presence of voice notes.

Smartphones connect to the system via Bluetooth without problems, and the connection is always stable. The speakerphone works average, sometimes you have to raise your voice so that the interlocutor can hear you. All manipulations with calls are carried out from the screen of the media system, only music data goes to the color 4.2 ”screen on the dashboard. It is strange that many manufacturers still do not transfer phone data to the dashboard. Still, being distracted by a call to see a contact on the central screen is not only inconvenient, but rather unsafe.